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(Documentation must be submitted authorizing representative to open a Stockbroking Account and conduct all future transactions. “See supporting Documents section” below. A Corporate (institutional) Investor Account may have more than one authorized representatives.

Additional representatives will need to complete a physical form and append their signature.

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The following documents may be emailed as attachment or physical copies sent to our office. Originals of supporting documents will be requested for sighting during review of your application.

* Certificate of incorporation
* Memorandum and articles of association certified by CAC;
* CAC form co7 certified by CAC
* A letter indicating the objective(s) for opening the account and the letter should also indicate the expected origin of the funds to be used during the relationship;
* A letter duly signed by the Managing Director of the company introducing the Authorized Representative(s);
* A Board Resolution appointing Dunbell Sec as broker

* If the Account Owner is an estate, provide a certified copy of a court order establishing the estate and naming the legal representatives of the estate that is authorized to act as an Authorized Account Representative for the account of the estate;
* If the account owner is a trust, provide a copy of the trust instrument and a certificate signed by the trustee(s).

In addition to the authorized representative is expected to provide:
* Photocopy of international passport, Driver’s license or National Identity Card
* 3 months receipts from any public utilities.
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